PLC for P Series Pump Calibration and Control

PLCWanner Engineering has designed a PLC based metering pump controller which can be used to control up to six P Series metering pumps simultaneously.

Branded as the "Control-Freak™" due to the multitude of pump control provided, this control package consists of a custom programmed PLC, variable frequency drive (VFD), I/O module for a single pump and the appropriate wires and cables required for connecting everything together.  The cost for controlling a single pump is $1,999 and for each additional pump to be controlled a cost adder of $799.

What we are doing with this system is precisely controlling the pump shaft speed with a Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 4M AC variable frequency drive. via the PLC.

The 7" color touch screen display is programmed specifically for the corresponding P Series pump, therefore includes password protected performance algorithms which can be further field calibrated for even greater accuracy.  As pictured it has a NEMA-4X enclosure, although we can provide other enclosures as needed.

The  Control-Freak™ features an emergency stop, loss of power, fault monitoring and optional pump temperature monitoring in addition to the standard modes:

Manual OperationManual: increase or decrease the pump output via the touch-screen by either entering the desired flow rate or system pressure in either imperial or metric units.  Pump will either operate at the set flow rate continuously or until the totalization goal is achieved depending upon how you want the pump controlled.  You can also enter a flow rate with a run time.  The totalization function prompts you to enter the total volume desired and the timeframe in which you want it delivered; the pump will automatically operate at the correct speed.

BatchBatch: select from up to 10 batch programs you've created, including a totalizer function, enabling the user to program batches for certain days and time of day.

Calibration: fine-tune the accuracy to your specific fluid characteristics and installation location/configuration. 

The base system provides four configurable on/off relays, two user-configurable analog input displays and both analog and digital I/O for interfacing with external instrumentation.

We can configure the appropriate Control-Freak™ system once we know which P Series pump you require, which also means we need the application information such as flow rate and pressure.  The best way to get started is to complete our P Series metering pump inquiry form; we usually reply with a proposal within 24 hours.