P300 Series high pressure metering pump for 2 to 80 GPH

P300 Metering PumpThe P300 Series metering pumps are designed specifically for high pressure applications >1000 PSI and ≤ 2500 PSI.  For pressures ≤1000 PSI please refer to our P200 Series metering pumps. As with all the other P Series metering pumps, the P300 is designed to handle a broad range of fluids, everything from clear water to viscous or abrasive slurries.  The P300 Series is capable of operating within the 50 to 2500 PSI range. The pump as illustrated here and priced below is comprised of a pump body and a gearbox.  Also required will be an electric motor and then perhaps a variable frequency drive (VFD).  Most VFD's have some programmability and can be interfaced with a customer supplied PLC.  We also offer our own touch-screen PLC/VFD control package described under controllers & displays above.

We can provide the complete pump/motor/VFD/PLC assembly, however we'll require additional information from you to properly size and select the motor and optional controllers.  The best thing to do is to view our brochure and then use our email inquiry form to provide us with the design criteria.

Base Price    Material Based Cost Adders 
P300    Pump Head Material   Elastomer Material    Check Valve Materials 
$4,990    Brass   $0   Buna-N  $0    Elgiloy w/Nitronic 50  $0
+  304L SS  $438 EPDM $93 +  Hastelloy C  $361
  316L SS  $670    FKM $93   Elgiloy w/Tungsten Carbide  $1,483
  Hastelloy C  $5,129    PTFE  $464   Hastelloy w/Tungsten Carbide  $1,504

BOM of P200-300 metering pumpThe elastomers represent all the o-rings, gaskets and diaphragms inclusive of the pump head and check valve assemblies.

Check valve assemblies consist of the valve spring, valve seat and valve.  The Hastelloy C configuration consists of the spring, valve and valve seats all made of Hastelloy C.  Tungsten carbide valves and seats are typically used for abrasive products, such as TiO2 or Mg(OH)2.

The standard retainer material is Hastelloy C.

Valve spring materials are either Elgiloy (nickel cobalt alloy considered to be superior to 316SS in terms of corrosion resistance - its simply a better spring material) or Hastelloy C for those applications which require it.

The base pricing of the pump includes the cost of the right angle gearbox but does not include the cost of the motor as the range of motors we offer is very broad.  There's both single and three phase motors, inverter-duty motors, explosion-proof motors, etc... so ultimately you'll need to contact us via phone or email to provide us with all of the design criteria.  The best way we can begin assisting you is to use our online application based inquiry form, which we can usually reply to with a proposal within 24 hours.